Laughing Llamas Dance & Drama Ballet South Adelaide

Little Llamas // Preschool Dance Classes

Little Llamas classes focus on confidence building, musicality, co-ordination, and self-expression. We invite girls and boys to make new friends and create lasting memories with us.

Little Llamas // Ballet Class

20 months to 5 yrs

Little Llamas Ballet class – 3 to 5 yrs old – celebrates the grace and beauty of classical ballet, learning basic technique and routines, using a variety of delightful props. Imagination boosts the ballet experience as the ballerinas gallop through ‘Port De Bra Pastures’, or tiptoe through the ballet treasure map. Learning fancy French words and counting beats provides plenty of extra stimulation for the dancer’s growing minds. Children are only young for such a short time, so parents and carers are welcome to quietly watch their dancers in class. They are also welcome to take a break and make new friends in our waiting area.

20 months to 3 yrs old is a fun class for toddlers and their special someone that introduces some basic ballet concepts before the more structured class at 3 years old. Special adult helpers are important both for demonstration and enjoyment. As your toddler gets more comfortable with their abilities and familiar with the class content, your presence starts to fade away and they become more engaged with the class.

Little Llamas // Creative Lab Class 

Little Llama Creative Lab classes combine dance and drama activities to encourage imagination and self expression.

Individuality is embraced as students learn and later perform a variety of dance techniques and theatre skills to family and friends. Little Llamas will not be asked to buy/hire costumes, or wear makeup. All dancers receive a quick face paint before our in-house presentations at the end of each term.

Some of the skills learnt in a dance class include:

* Body awareness/management

* Kinetic expression

* Decision making

* Movement sequencing

* Co-operative learning –  partner work, small group and whole group

* Creative discovery

* Focus and turn-taking

“Learning to walk sets you free, learning to dance gives you the greatest freedom of all: to express with your whole self the person you are.”

Melissa Hayden, New York City Ballet

Laughing Llamas Dance & Drama Ballet South Adelaide
Laughing Llamas Dance & Drama Ballet South Adelaide